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Enter any word or word combinations into our Open Vocabulary Search and our database will search the captions and keywords of our photographs to find matches. For best results, use the singular form of a word such as cabin instead of cabins or log home instead of log homes. If you are having trouble getting results, try different words, synonyms or more general descriptors. Or try our Closed Vocabulary Search for a predefined list of search terms.

In addition, don't overlook the power of the pulldown search menu to modify search parameters. Options include:

  • ALL of These Words
  • ANY of These Words
  • Words That BEGIN WITH
  • Words That END WITH


A Closed Vocabulary Search limits your search choices to a list of predefined keywords. You may select one or more keywords at a time, but be aware that if you select too many keywords your search may become too specific and search results may be few or none. If you should find that this is the case, click the Clear button and retry with fewer keywords selected.

For example, if you check the keyword Kitchen and then click the SEARCH STOCK LIBRARY button, the database will return every image assigned the keyword Kitchen. If you check the keywords Kitchen and Log Home and then search, the database will return all image records of kitchens in log homes.

You may check as many keywords as you want in order to pare down your search results, but keep in mind that if the database is returning few or no records your search may be too specific. In that case, click the Try Again link and clear the selected keywords using the Clear Checkboxes button and try your search again with fewer keywords.


A lightbox is a virtual collection of images you create. You can easily add, edit and remove photos from your lightbox with the click of a button. What makes this feature so powerful is the ability to save your lightbox for future visits and to email the lightbox to us when you have finalized your selections.

When you find a photograph that interests you, click the Add to Lightbox link located below the image. This will add the photograph to a page, created especially for you, containing your stored images. To view the images you have added to your lightbox, click on the Review Lightbox link located at the bottom of the search page to view the active lightbox. Once your lightbox page has loaded, you will be able to review the images you have selected and choose to remove any you wish.

At the bottom of your lightbox page you have the option to save your lightbox for future review and/or send it to us. When you click the link Save Lightbox you will be prompted to give your lightbox a name and it will then be stored and accessible for 30 days. Your lightbox page has a unique URL which should be bookmarked in order to access your lightbox later. The Send Your Lightbox To Us link will do just that. A page will load prompting you to fill out your contact information. Once you have entered this information, click send. The images that you have selected will be sent to us and we will contact you to discuss licensing.


We realize you have a busy and demanding job. Your time is valuable and you don't have all day to play around on a website trying to find what you're looking for. To make your visit to our website as productive and effortless as possible, we have taken the time to sort through thousands of our architectural, interior design and lifestyle stock photography to pick out the images we feel represent the cream of the crop of Roger Wade Studio. We call these photographs our Select Images.

Finding our select images is an easy thing to do. You can type the word select into the Open Vocabulary search box or you can scroll down to the bottom of the Closed Vocabulary page, where you will find the Select checkbox.

We have tried to create a comprehensive list of select images that encompass all the different styles of architecture and design that Roger Wade Studio photographs. But what if you are only interested in finding our best cabin images, for example? There are two easy ways this can be accomplished. In the Open Vocabulary search box, type select cabin and then choose the ALL of These Words from the pull-down menu. To perform the same search using our Closed Vocabulary page, check Cabin (in the Architectural Style subset) and Select and then click search stock library.

Note: Searching for the term select cabins using an Open Vocabulary search will not return any results because cabins is plural and our images are tagged with the singular form. Try searching for select cabin instead.

"Debbie is the BEST stylist, Roger is the BEST photographer and Brett is professional and responsive to all our needs. We are very proud of all the homes they have photographed for us."

-JoDean Bing
Blue Ribbon Builders
Big Sky, MT