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We realize your time is valuable, which is why we’ve designed our stock photo library with easy-to-use search options to quickly locate the architectural and interior design stock photography you seek. Choose between open vocabulary or closed vocabulary searches or view recently added stock photos with our date search. Gain the upper hand in your quest for that perfect image with these powerful search tools.

In an open vocabulary search, text entered into the search form is compared against the caption and keyword information of the stock photos in our catalog and any records matching the search criteria are returned and displayed. If you are unsure of what to search for or how we’ve labeled our images, the closed vocabulary search method limits choices to predefined groups of commonly searched keywords. Groupings include rooms and spaces, structure type, architectural and interior styling, design elements, building materials and environmental keywords.

Once you’ve found potential imagery to use, a click of the mouse adds your selections to a custom photo collection called a Lightbox. With lightboxes, users can easily edit, save and email specialized groups of stock photos to us for licensing inquiries, publication history, availability requests and more. Choose a search method to the left to get started or visit our help page for more detailed information on searching our architectural and interior design stock photos.

As always, if you cannot find what you're looking for or don't feel comfortable searching online yourself, give us a call at 406-886-2793 or send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

Find architectural and interior design stock photography of these popular subjects and much more in our online photo catalog:
  • Architectural Styles
  • Interior Design
  • Residential Living
  • Luxury Estates
  • Country Cottages
  • Mountain Retreats
  • Green Technology